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Baked potato

The potato has many kinds, but uses the potato which is most suitable for a baked potato.
Raise temperature to 30 several degrees, and thicken the leather, and, as for the potato, an aging island is not crowded in a crop; do it.
I go to get the potato to the production center and let you manage temperature, the humidity in the depths of the shop and mature and draw a taste.
The baked potato changes taste by a machine to bake. I use the machine which is most suitable for a baked potato.
I do not keep it warm more than three hours to keep the taste of the baked potato.
It is the characteristic of this baked potato that is delicious even if it cools down.
I change three kinds of potatoes in the year.

Benifujin  Beniraijin Benikannon

Japanese sweets

Did you know that you could

not readily buy a cake cooked

in Tokyo?
I go around the production spot

and several hundred

production centers and prepare

an original cake and the cake

which selected carefully.

Japanese goods

The unique "Komono" which I felt such and found which a new story begins in in a cake and a thing putting together.


Japanese tea set

You can enjoy a Japanese green tea set in the depths of the shop.


I go to the production center (Ibaraki) that is most suitable for the baked potato which kept on choosing you to lay in stock of a sweet potato.
I let I manage temperature, the humidity, and a sweet potato mature in the depths of the shop and draw taste.

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