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Now, to the back of Asakusa Kaminarimon

It can be said that up until now, travel (domestic or overseas) and visits to tourist destinations have focused on seeing landscapes and towns that are different from everyday life and gaining knowledge.
In the past, it was rare to travel or go to sightseeing spots, and it you only visit once, that is one way to go.
Today, in addition to magazine and TV, the influence of SNS, private lodging, domestic and overseas dramas and movies, and above all, the environment has become easy to reach, so the countries and regions You visited again naturally expanded and deepened and your interests. You will continue.
The meanings and values of life, customs, history… are still alive in any region or country, and they are constantly moving and new things are being created.
Throuh the experience in Asakusa planned in Amakaraenisi, we hope that you can help enrich your life with your joy and enjoyment, abundance and imagination, and rediscovery of yourself.


Koji Obana
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