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​代表プロデューサー 尾花幸二

Now, let`s go to the inner Zashiki  of Asakusa Kaminarimon

Many people visiting Asakusa for the first times pass through Kaminarimon, stroll through Nkamise, visit Sensoji temple, and then walk around the town or attend major events. In addition, it is standard to stop at a gourmet restaurant that you saw on TV or in a magazine, or if you are a group, stop at a restaurant that caters to large groups.
There are many festivals and events throughout the year, such as the a festival, fireworks and Samba, and it looks like it`s going to be fun, but there many people who don`t know what to do next or what they can do.
Asakusa is a town of entertainers, merchants, craftmen, and a town with many famous historical figures.   There are also temples, shrines, and the Sumida river, and there many attractions with historical connections in the surrounding area. There is a town like this.
Today, in addition to magazines and TV, there is also the influence of social media, private lodging
, foreign dramas and movies, and the development of transportation sustems , so it seems that personal interests are naturally expanding and deepening.   I think there are many people who are unable to grasp the clues as an experience.
One of th  characteristics of Asakusa is that there is now a culture where you can enjoy the performances of Asakusa`s idol Furisode and various entertainers in the Tatami room.
You`ll be able to talk a lot and have fun, so you`ll need about 2 to 3 hours, including meals.  When it resonates with your heart, it should be the first page of a fulfilling life.
A place where people can come into close contact with people in these arts without any barriers.  We would like to make use of the good culture that has been noticed for many years in the present day.
Through the Asakusa experience planned by Amakaraenisi, we would be happy if we could help you enrich your life with joy, fun, richness, imaginn, rediscovery of yourself … .


Representative Producer   Koji Obana

Regional Revitalization Planning Company
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